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Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Great fishing article Care And Repair Of Fishing Lures

Author: Keith Lee
After buying or making the fishing lures there is still the responsibility of taking care of and repairing them so that they are always in good condition. This requires some effort and time but is usually easy for the angler who makes his own fishing lures. Since he makes them and puts them together, he also knows how to take them apart and repair them. He also has the tools and fishing lure parts necessary for such work. All the tools required to assemble the parts and make the lures are explained on his page at " target=new> . Fishing lures in general do not require much care when storing them in a home or shop. The best idea is to put them into cabinet drawers or individual boxes so that they can be found easily and can be kept dry. In humid climates or near the seashore it is important not to expose the metal parts to the air; otherwise, hooks will rust and other metals will corrode. Fishing lures that have feathers or hair should be kept in airtight containers so that moths and other insects or small animals will not get to them. This also applies to new fishing lures that haven't yet been used. Lures which have been used require considerable care if you want to get the maximum use from them. Freshwater fishing lures usually require less care and repair than saltwater ones. In general, when examining any fishing lure you have made or bought it's a wise policy to repair it if you are the least bit doubtful about its condition. Repairing usually means sandpapering the part of the lure body that is slightly chipped and then touching up with a small brush, using enamels or lacquers. Replace the hooks with new ones if they are badly rusted. When doing this it is important to use the same size and weight as the old ones so that the action of the fishing lure is not changed in any way. If the damage is too bad and the lure cannot be repaired, throw it away after salvaging any usable parts. It doesn't pay to take chances with a fishing lure that is weak in any way. You may hook a record fish but lose it if the lure is not dependable. Many anglers who buy their fishing lures in tackle stores often use them until they fall apart, before buying new ones. But if you make your own fishing lures you can afford to use only those that are still in good condition. It is better to be safe than sorry. About The Author Keith Lee is a practical, do-it-yourself angler and owns " target=new> , an info-packed website on making fishing lures. Learn how to make fishing lures at " target=new> and use it as your trusted guide on home made fishing lures. Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your newsletter or on your website so long as you leave all active links in place, do not modify the content and include our resource box as listed here. ...

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A Guide to Non-Typical Catfish Fishing Techniques Part II

Method 1


I fish baits at all depths, not just the bottom, in wide-open water. I always set up and fish deep lake structures. Besides an understanding of the contours on the bottom of the lake, being mobile and being able to read yo ...

Author: Jeff Williams

Fly Fishing Secrets for the Novice as Well as the Seasoned Angler

Perhaps the most rewarding element of fly fishing is the variety of beautiful natural surroundings in which anglers often find themselves; a secluded stream up in the mountains, a peaceful meandering river deep in the forest, or a tranquil blue lake so ...

Author: Brett Fogle

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Edge Baits Edge Tickers

Edge Baits Edge Tickers is one of many products in the fishing tackle and outdoors store.

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Fishing Chocolate Candy Gift Basket

Fishing Gift Basket is perfect for our fishing enthusiasts and includes 12 PC Gift Box Mini Solid Chocolate Fish each fish is individually wrapped in colorful fish foils, Sour Gummy Grubs, four different Gummy Sea Critters, Swedish Fish, three semi solid Robusto Chocolate Cigars in life-like foiled tobacco each with Thompson Chocolate Cigar Band, and a Fishing Tackle Box filled with Gummy Worms, Frogs, Chocolate Lures, Sinkers, plus more inside. These delicious fishing goodies arrive in our fishing themed basket box, enclosed in cellophane and topped off with a coordinated bow.
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Thu, 26 Apr 2007 00:56:22 -0500
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