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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Bass Fishing In Florida

The state of Florida is known for its exceptional bass fishing.

Its popularity has yielded a million dollar industry for this state.

A lot of boats on the market are designed specifically for bass fishing and generates revenues as well for t ...

Author: Jeff Miles -

Humminbird Fish Finder 595c - Don't Worry About Not Finding the Perfect Fishing Locations

This Humminbird fishfinder is a great tool for any fisherman looking to bring home a cooler full of fish every trip out. This particular model is part of the 500 series offered by Humminbird. This combo offers GPS Chartplotting and High Performance Sonar. ...

Author: Niall Pesci

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Mustad 7827 Double Hook

Mustad 7827 Double Hook is one of many products in the fishing tackle and outdoors store.

Price: 5.69

Frabill Flow-Troll Bucket

Frabill Flow-Troll Bucket is one of many products in the fishing tackle and outdoors store.

Price: 9.99

Read this fishing article Orlando Florida FIshing -Redfish Capital of the World

Author: Tom Carver
When visitors think of Orlando and Central Florida, they imagine the exciting attractions, breath-taking roller coasters, and swimming with the dolphins. What many people don't know is that fishing in the Orlando, Florida area is just as exciting. The Central Florida East Coast is also named the "Redfish Capital of the World". The area is beautiful, quiet, and relaxing. It offers visitors a different experience of Central Florida and the Orlando area. Orlando inshore saltwater fishing is in one word, "incredible." Within a short drive from the area attractions, visitors can find some of the best fishing in the state, not to mention the best Redfishing in the World. Just 45 minutes from Orlando, Florida is a fishing estuary, called Mosquito Lagoon, that is second to none. This area of Central Florida offers both beginners and expert anglers the opportunity to catch record sized Redfish, Sea Trout, Snook, Tarpon and more. You're sure to see "tailing" Redfish, Snook hiding in mangroves, rolling Tarpon, Sea Trout, as well as Dolphins, Manatees and many other animals in their natural environment. Redfish, one of the more popular fish species in the area, and one that most anglers and fishing guides target, are exceptional fighters and can be caught year round. Also known as Red Drum, these fish can exceed forty plus pounds during the summer when they gather and spawn. During the winter months, Redfish catches normally run in the three to twelve pound range. Fishing guides can catch numerous Redfish per charter, and stories of one hundred Redfish per day is not unheard of. The crystal clear, gin like color of the water during the winter makes sight fishing, and finding fish much easier for the trained eye. Guides on the Lagoon have the ability to spot the fish much faster than an inexperienced angler. There are many excellent fishing guides in Orlando and Central Florida. Most are very competitive and offer a high quality, exhilarating fishing experience. Hiring a professional guide to take you fishing gives you a several tremendous benefits. 1. Fishing guides are out on the water almost daily and know where and what the fish are biting. Let their expertise help you catch the "big one". 2. A Florida fishing license is not required when you're with a guide. Professional guides have a license that covers up-to four people on their boat. 3. You have use of their shallow water or "flats" boat including tackle, bait, and all the appropriate equipment needed. Most fishing guides will either get bait before launching the boat or they'll throw out their cast net to get bait fish and fill up the live-well. Want to fly fish? They have the gear and know what flies you should use. 4. Fishing guides will help the beginner angler with an instructional charter that covers casting, working the lure and how to spot a fish. Hiring a professional fishing guide will cost anywhere from $150 to $400 with options for a half day charter to an all day fishing excursion. It's worth every penny. It's not just a day fishing, it's a great adventure on the water. Every guide wants you to enjoy your day, and most importantly, catch fish. About the Author Tom Carver is a full time fishing guide in Orlando Florida. ...

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